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Pax East 2017 Coverage

Pax East 2017 is fast approaching and Glen Fortkamp which is one of our writers will be in attendance at the event this year. I've compiled and will be constantly updating a list of everything that Gamerheadquarters will be covering at the event this year. I'd also like to mention that if any PR, Publishers, Developers or Cosplayers would like to get into contact with us about the event feel free to send an email to "jasonstettner @" and we'll discuss it from there.


The Behemoth Breakfast
Nom Nom Nom and play with some Pit People perhaps.

Trion Worlds
Seeing what's new with Trion Worlds for Atlas Reactor; Archeage, RIFT and Trove

Versus Evil
An assortment of titles that we're unsure if we can post about, but we'll check them out!

Shooting some enemies, grabbing some video and hopefully an interview

The Gardens Between
Lovely looking puzzle game

Another great looking open world type game

Gamerheadquarters Pax East 2017 Awards
The nominations will be given during March 12th during the day with award winners at the night. The site will have a limited amount of awards and then have a full coverage award winners within the next couple days. The categories are as follows: Best of Show, Best Console Game, Best Digital Game, Best Virtual Reality and more maybe pending. Please note that this list might change before Pax East 2016.

Our Pax East 2017 Hub
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Pax East 2017 Map

Article by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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